Monday, 22 August 2016

Wife of a Football Fanatic

There we were, toddler and I (2 people equally clueless about football) cheering for PAPA at the ground.

Initial few minutes, tries to go with the crowd and claps when the rival team hits a goal or Papa's team misses a goal, after which he realises I am not very happy with his cheering so decides to imitate me for the rest of the match.
During half time runs to the ground, grabs chocolates and juice which was meant for the players.
Tries to impress another players daughter with his dribbling and "throw and catch" skills (by no doubt paternal genes working well here :))
Calls out Papa 53 times during the match.

With no idea about an off side or corner or defender, eyes glued just on the goal post so that I don't miss a goal.
Runs behind toddler half the time, dragging him to where we sat.
Proudly says "that's my husband" to a bunch of ladies sitting near me admiring Mr. Husband's football skills (well he knows really well how to show off those sweep in kicks and heading the ball).

P.S: I can name the Liverpool Football Club Manager even when you wake me up in my sleep, that's how contagious it is to have a football fanatic in the house :)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

The Long Awaited Me-Time

So I realise my toddler is pissed with me for some reason as he was intentionally walking past me fifteen times trying hard not to make eye contact.
My first thought was "Finally I'm going to get some me-time..yaay!!"

After about 5 minutes, I was not able to handle the ignorance any more and there I was begging on my knees to get his attention (as if my lover just dumped me for another woman).
This is what motherhood is all about, you crave for me-time all the while and when you finally get it, you have no clue what to do with yourself 😁

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Myth about Nuclear Families

We live in a generation of nuclear families and I have always loved the space, the freedom, the independence we have at home. So many times we listen to people condemning kids brought up in nuclear families that I am always up for a debate for the same. So I really wanted to scribble some of the most common comments and how I really feel about them. Here they go!

Nuclear family= Gadget addict kids:
To be frank I strongly feel that gadgets are only a matter of convenience for the parents. I still get really disturbed when I see kids in public places swiping iPads or phone, completely aloof from the world around them. If you can spend quality time with ur kid, if you have the patience to play with them, if you are willing to run behind them, if you can take a little effort to take them to the park or play area, you are never going to see a gadget addicted kid. It has nothing to do with nuclear families.

Kids brought up in nuclear families talk late:
I have heard this around 201 times for the past 21 months and this is so wrong. Let us take an example, I wake up in the morning, while I am busy cooking breakfast I hear constant babbling between my toddler and my husband (mostly about the football match that happened the previous day or new model of a car or so on), we eat breakfast together (no running around, no force feeding), we sit and talk and eat. As it is just me and the toddler in the house whole day, I narrate to him the things I do, I tell him stories, I show him flash cards or photographs and show him things and people. So in a way he is constantly listening to words that too with undivided attention. We really don't need a dozen people around to teach them how to talk!

Kids brought up in nuclear families don't know how to share:
Kids are mini humans and they like to imitate things, our actions work far better than words with them, they learn things faster from what they see us doing. For example if he sees us sharing things with our spouse or the toddler himself he will definitely try to do the same. When you say sorry when you are wrong and thank you when others do something nice to you, you would be amazed when you see your toddler doing the same at a similar situation. Our son gives away his toys when at the park, don't mind when other kids explore his toy box or ride his favorite car. Tell them to do something a hundred times and you would only be disappointed, show them how to do it and you would be amazed by the way they imbibe them :)

Being in a nuclear family doesn't really effect the kid in a negative way, in fact I have seen a lot of positives to it. I have seen kids brought up in joint families as well and trust me I have got convinced that it is just a myth that kids are far better, speak quickly, learn sharing and caring when brought up in joint families. So next time someone tells you something about your kid, you know what to say!

Friday, 5 August 2016

The Slice of Pineapple

At the Restaurant:
On our attempts to keep the toddler entertained, I offer him the slice of pineapple (with the peel), they had decorated my mocktail with. After a minute that slice just disappears from his hand and we realise he stuffed his mouth with it. With a smile on my face and heart beating in my throat, I try to poke my finger in and take it out but you know how adamant these mini humans can get! Husband and I try our best not to panic but revise "how to save a choking kid" in our minds. Two minutes later we realise he managed to gulp it (mind you, pineapple with the PEEL) as if it was a blob of cotton candy and topped it off with his share of potato wedges.

Toddlers are indeed super humans.

P.S. The pictures show his default expression whenever he takes a sip of my mocktail and at the end he's the one who finishes half of it!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Weaning Story

So unlike every other milestones so far, weaning our son from breastfeeding was freaking me out. 18 months and there was no sign of him self-weaning so I was left with no option but to do it myself, but HOW was the question haunting me. I read a lot of articles (as always), spoke to mommies who have been there but somehow I was not able to convince myself as to how I will go about it.

I still remember how it all started. The initial days when he was tiny and had no clue how to latch on, when my stitches were still sore, my husband woke up every hour to mix formula and feed him with a spoon, then it transformed to our me time where we cuddled and talked about so many things..that's when he listened to most of my confessions :) Hence stopping it abruptly without really telling him about it was something I could never imagine. I know he was just 19 months and it might anyway end with a few tantrums for the first couple of days but I felt guilty of it.

Every kid is different and a method that worked for me may not work for another kid but then as my friends were asking me how I put an end to it, here it goes:
Agu is one of those high spirited strong willed kids, who is very sure of what he wants and its nearly impossible to distract him during an outburst of tantrum. So what has worked best with him is to talk things out like where we are heading to when I take out his pram or if we want to dress him up we tell him we are going shopping, small things like keeping him informed has helped us deal with him way better. I reduced the feeding to nap times, i.e. twice a day. Most difficult to put an end to, was the night time feeding. So I fixed a date when I was going to stop feeding him and told him "we have two more weeks and then you are going to have moo moo milk" (cow is 'moo moo' for him). Everyday we kept reminding him with a count down and with so much excitement that even he started feeling it wasn't anything bad. So the first night after weaning was tough for both of us but i didnt want to give in so within 2 days there he was, listening to rhymes or stories and sleeping on my tummy!

The Story of Mini Mini Dosa

So when your toddler makes a face when you ask if he wants dosa, you become very innovative and make these and announce "See what you are going to have, mini mini dosa!!!" (stressing on the "MINI MINI part"). Toddler, all excited, hogs on it and you smile because you have found a new favorite dish to satisfy his taste buds, atleast for a couple of days! :)