Monday, 18 May 2015

The Scary Obsession

When I was a kid, I always associated beauty with something positive and thought everyone was beautiful in their own way. When I grew older, this belief never changed, be it the school that I went to, the bunch of friends that I had and my lovely family, everyone made me feel that I was unique in my own way.

Later on when I started meeting new people, I realised that beauty was so much different from what I thought to be. For a majority of the society, the concept of beauty is still narrowed down to just fair complexion and flawless skin. There was a phase when even I was devoured by this scary obsession which made me insecure and in fact made me scared to be in my own skin. Micro dermabration, derma roller, chemical peels and I started associating beauty with "pain", I started believing that to be beautiful you have to undergo pain and at the end you don't feel beautiful, you just get tired of not being you.

That's when someone shared this with me "In a country where 90% of people are dark it is sad that we grow up with such inferiority complex about it" (*Nandita Das) which made me realise its the obsession that is wrong and not you. We all grow up hearing that "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" but now I really don't agree with it, beauty lies within you, beauty lies within everyone irrespective of your skin tone. Like how they say in kung fun panda "To make something special, you just have to believe it's special."

It doesn't really end there, you go through the same cycle once your baby is born too. I had to listen to people say that our little boy didn't get his dad's fair complexion (oh yes we had a moment of silence for the lost "fair skin legacy" :)),  was asked to use oil with turmeric in it so that our darling will get a fair complexion, when I acted oblivious to all this I finally heard "at least it is OK as it's a baby boy, what would you have done if it was a baby girl without a fair complexion?!!"

Next time someone comments about your skin tone or your baby's, don't think twice, just eat them up or let loose the mama bear in you! :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The 40-week long journey and beyond :)

And the time came to give up Chinese food and think twice "does this have pappaya or pineapple" before I hog on a spend time infront of the mirror, not to check for a flat tummy but to scream out "the BUMP is finally here"!! wake up at 3 am and think and decide what to crave stay up late waiting for that wiggle or punch or a kick ;) pregnant!! Errr or rather we are pregnant ;) :D :D
As people say 9 months weren't a bed of roses..there were times I hardly got out of the bathroom as I was throwing up like 20 times a day (yeah that was an exaggeration though :P) and then came the phase were my anti-nausea tablets turned me into a zombie..and then I had my nostrils sensitive like that of a blood hound and had to literally use nose plugs to stay away from smells which were once my favourite :)
But then it wasn't a period of utter struggle everything else does, even this phase passed and the excitement of the kicking and punching, the feeling of a life growing within me overpowered the miseries of back ache, bulging tummy, not able to lie on my stomach and getting up to pee 10 times at night ;)
Finally our little champ decided to put an end to our 40-week long wait on 31-Oct-2014..and yes, delivering a baby wasn't easy. The pain, the 9.5 hours of struggle to bring out a part of us was indeed a life and death kind of experience but the moment baby pops out and you are shown that little bundle of life which you just created...ahh you almost feel like you are God!! :D
Then comes looking for the various milestones..smiling, rolling over, holding stuff and on and on..6 months and we are beaming with happiness to have agu around!! cheers to parenting and wishing ourselves to be super dad and super mom in the long run :D