Thursday, 31 March 2016

Oh your son is a foodie, you are so lucky!!

From the time our son was in my tummy till the 17 month old that he's now, his weight was always on the healthier side. Being a solely breast fed baby it brought us so much joy whenever the weighing scale showed an exponential number each time we took him for a checkup or vaccination. Starting solid food was one thing I did a hell lot of research on, reading numerous articles (I wouldn't have read so much even during my college days ;)) and watching videos on foods to avoid till a specific age, types of combinations of purees and the amount of food to be given. When he takes a nap I Google for new recipes for him, keep a count of veggies and fruits he had that day, trying to include dairy and rice as well..the list just goes on. Though he enjoys food, he has got a picky palate like ours and it does take a lot of effort to satisfy the foodie in him and when these well wishers say "oh you are so lucky he eats everything", I really feel like snarling and pouncing on them :)
So here's a list of things that I feel might help you mommies out there with a foodie or not-so-foodie baby!
Booster Seat:
This is one accessory I can't live without now. From the time we started solid food for him we made it a rule that it's the place to be when he eats. 17 months now and I still owe a lot to the chair as it has helped us making mealtimes hassle free. Unlike high chairs, booster seat can be easily carried around, so take it along when you go for a vacation or to the restaurant nearby.
Trust your gut feeling:
You read so much about each phase of the baby that you have all the information stored somewhere in your brain. So do things that you feel is right. I started giving our baby chicken when he was 8 months old, fish when he was 9 months and red meat when he was 10 months old. We stopped cooking separately for him when he was 10 months and hence he got used to our spice levels as well. Trust me I had to witness a lot of frowning faces while trying to make this possible but then now that he sits with us and eats everything, the same frowned faces now label him a foodie who eats anything and everything and we, the lucky parents ;)
Mix and match:
Every kid is different and they have taste preferences just like we adults do. So if we are able to find a few ingredients that work fool proof with them, half your work is done! Garlic works like magic with our son, add a dash of garlic in his stir fried veggies or pasta and he would eat all of it most of the time. So even with this there is always a chance of rejection but then it works like 90% of the time! :)
Bland is absolutely fine!
Our son loves rice porridge without salt in it, plain idli and dosa without chutney, plain milk, oats  boiled in milk without sugar. This is in fact good news for us as he's not addicted to the white poison "sugar" and he doesn't demand chutney with his dosa. I had to fight so much with well wishers who tried to portray me as the cruel mom who doesn't even give her son sugar! Even now after seeing his love for bland food i still get advice "give him sugar with idli", " how will he eat plain porridge?", "add flavoured powder in his milk" and so on. If your baby loves bland food, please don't try to spoil their taste buds by adding a laddle of sugar in their milk or salt in their rice and porridge.

Monday, 14 March 2016

The Never Ending Post Pregnancy Drama

Delivering a baby is not a fun game. Having gone though it once I know the pain (both physical and mental) a lady goes through. The battle in a labor room lasts for nearly 12-18 hours and we come out totally drained, still trying to get used to the sagging stomach, pain from the stitches and moreover longing to hold the life you just created! When your only wish is for a quiet time, you see the tug of war between the crowd in the room to hold the baby, the endless suggestions as to how to wrap the baby to how to hold him and you sit there watching helplessly. Once the crowd subsides, the focus comes to the new mom as well, what to eat what not to eat, how to feed the baby, how to put him to sleep and so on. That was the evening that really changed me, from a helpless mom to a fiery mamma and we (my husband and I) decided we would never let the world decide how to bring up our baby. 18 months since and the number of suggestions and concerns and advice has only gone up and we have decided to respond only with a smile and not to follow anything that we don't believe in, So here are a few lessons learnt, 18 months so far and we know we are doing it right :)

Well-Wisher: Now that you got a baby boy in the first try, you wouldn't have to worry and pray to get a boy child when you get pregnant next. You already have a boy in the family!
Me: Thanks for your help with our family planning.

Well-wisher: The baby did not get his dad's fair complexion!
Me: May be we will have a moment of silence for the loss of "fair-skin" legacy :)

Well-wisher: Oh my god! Baby has lost so much weight, he has grown so thin!
Me: Yes, we are undergoing a diet plan to lose weight and the results are showing well on him :D 

Well-wisher (at each stage of baby's life): You are yet to see the real difficulties of parenting, he is going to be a lot more troublesome as he gets old.
Me: I am tired of listening to this threat from the time he was born. To be honest I have felt things getting easier as baby grows..from a baby bag full of sterilised bottles, boiled water, lactogen, diapers, extra clothes, flannel etc. to just a sippy cup of water and a fruit..from a delicate helpless life to an independent toddler (yes he thinks he is capable of taking care of me by now;)). May be it is how we look at things and anticipating a trouble loaded tomorrow is never going to help, trust me.

Well-wisher: He is seeing only his dad and mom all the time, that's why he is not very social.
Me: Oh yes, we are planning to rent people to run around the house, probably that would make him more social as you label!