Wednesday, 27 March 2013

For all the Unemployed Geniuses!!- It is just that the employers haven't realized what they are losing ;)

Since childhood we have been listening to this phrase that "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" and as I grew up it always proved right but its recently that I realized that its not always right unless we welcome the devil with open arms! yeah my mind has been idle for a while now since our relocation to a new country has ended up in ME being jobless..totally :D Right now it's just the Home Maker role that I am playing, which I had thought would drive me totally insane..n yes I was losing control over myself many a times, feeling good-for-nothing, boredom eating me up at times which ending up in me eating my husband's brain :P Then I just sit and think whether it is really worth worrying about, especially when u r not desperate for a job, especially when you are not gonna get divorced or get chucked out of the family! The free time can actually make you creative..let it be writing, cooking, can in fact dig in and find out more about ourselves rather than succumbing to social pressure and convincing ourselves that it's the end of the world! :) For me I have dug out the chef in ME..I have started blogging more..started reading more..started watching loads of movies :P

P.S. The above mentioned things are just the inner self trying to console the jobless ME..Somebody please offer me a job, I can work for free!! :P

As human beings, one thing that we really find difficult to accept is rejection!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Was it the smile?
Was it the look in your eyes?
Was it butterflies in my stomach?
Whoa....not again! ;)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

No offense :P

S: Hi whats up??
Me: going great :)
S: i wanted to tell u something
Me: ohh whats it?
S: Or may be I will tell u later
Me: r u pregnant? :D
S: No No..this is something else
Me: If u r gonna tell me later y did u start this conversation now??
S: alrite then i willl tell u..dont tell my husband okay?
Me: why on earth wil i tell ur husband?
S: Today being valentines day, I have sent him a bouquet of roses and a card to give him a surprise!
Me: yaay!that's so romantic! (in mind: Do I really look like I care! :/ )

We are all artists indeed!

Art of love
Art of ignorance
Art of acting as if you don't care
Art of letting go
Art of holding on
Art of laughing till your stomach hurts
Art of holding back your tears
Art of not getting hurt
Art of tolerating pain
Art of forgetting
Art of moving on

Is life really complicated?? life is an art!! ;)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Shame on us!

It has been a long time since I jotted down my thoughts..partly because I was getting used to the new WIFE tag busy balancing work n home :) and partly because nothing striking came across my mind which I felt I had to share.
The past 15 days, I have been or in fact we Indians have been listening to the horrifying fate of a 23 yr old which has been in discussion in TV newspapers n social networking sites. Though initially this incident dint have enough effect on me, it was the further discussions wit my husband that made me think wot exactly is going wrong which led to this inhuman act.
Now wit the improvement of technology everywhere people have become less sensitive n more inhuman. The term "civilized" no longer exists here I believe. Lame excuses like girls wearing provocative clothing has no relevance here. Even if a girl walks nude on the street no man has the right to comment on her or rape her and justify it by blaming the girl.
Is it the insecurity or inferiority complex in men, which is awakened by the progress of women? Or are Indian men still not ready to shed off the conservative mindset to accept the fact that women can b independent? Women empowerment shouldn't b confined to articles n should b brought into action and moreover men should b broad minded enough to accept it.
Then I wonder y this happens in India so frequently. Is it the law that's defective or the shameful fact that money can make any law flexible here, wit political influence u can get away wit any crime in this which is supposed to b proud of its rich n varied heritage!
Though theres a lot of hype now, it s a sad reality tht aftr a while v will forget this and get busy wit our own lives. We forget abt the culprits..we forget abt a sorrow stricken family..n v forget abt the shattered dreams of a girl. I hope it doesnt happen tis tym n now on. Let me stop wit my deepest condolence..lets keep our fingers crossed n hope justice wont b denied to any girl or infact any human being hereafter