Saturday, 16 January 2016

Let them free!

So we thought we are bombarded with questions about our future only when we were 15 years old, like "Which course are you planning to opt?", " What is your career plan?", wedding plan, family plan and so on (yes yes, I do remember Dulquer in Bangalore days when I say that:))
Now that there's Agu around we realise all the pressure starts right from the first month you are born. "Give the baby tummy time or else he won't learn to roll over soon", "Make him sit with support so that he will know how to sit", "Leave the baby on the floor for longer time so that he will start crawling", "Your baby doesn't talk yet?", "He doesn't call mama & papa yet?", "13 months and he doesn't walk yet? You should hold and make him walk, buy a walker, he must be scared he will fall!!"
C'mon please give them time to explore things and reach milestones in their own comfortable pace. Just because a neighbor's kid started walking at 9 months doesn't mean that we have to make him to do the same. After all they don't have a marathon to run when they are a year old :)

P.S: In the picture its our darling mastering table etiquette :D

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Last Name!

We live in an era where we hear a lot about gender equality, but sometimes I feel the more we stress on something the more it acts like instilling primitive thoughts in people's minds. 21st century and we still have to have campaigns to treat boy and girl child equally even then the discrimination begins even before a lady gets pregnant. There are people who still chant mantra to get a baby boy, people who get disappointed when the nurse comes out with the baby and says its a girl, people who feel a family is incomplete without a boy!
It is recently during a conversation that i realised that there is still this underlying wish for a baby boy in many people's minds. Though female foeticide has become less common, at least in modern families, I feel even the wish that the child should be a boy serves nothing less than the crime itself. When a child is born there's this constant tug of war for the rights over the baby, the silent gestures or subtle comments that the baby finally belongs to his/her dad's family. Be it the last name of the child, the address where they belong to in an ID proof, our society without a doubt goes by the dad's side. These were things that I never thought about, that never bothered me but then after the conversation I started thinking when are we going to break free of this stereotypic thoughts. What if a family consists of only girls, does their family name just die off once the girls get married? Does it mean that the parents who have worked equally hard to bring up their girl children, pampered them, educated them and married them off in style, have lesser rights over their grand child?
May be it is time we took a step and made a change. Remember as parents we are the most important people in our baby's life hence let's not let this thought get carried forward to our younger generation. Let us not force them to go with the society wave, let us not preach them lessons we don't believe in, just give them the freedom to explore and conclude, lets give them the freedom of choice!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy new year!

Another year gone by and here I am mastering the art of forgiving and forgetting (and of course let karma do the rest ;)) and trust me it does take you a few steps closer to finding inner peace. 2015, thanks for the love, the happy moments, for letting me fulfill a resolution, for fitting me into the mamma role.
2016, hope you will shower upon lesser sleepless nights :)