Saturday, 16 January 2016

Let them free!

So we thought we are bombarded with questions about our future only when we were 15 years old, like "Which course are you planning to opt?", " What is your career plan?", wedding plan, family plan and so on (yes yes, I do remember Dulquer in Bangalore days when I say that:))
Now that there's Agu around we realise all the pressure starts right from the first month you are born. "Give the baby tummy time or else he won't learn to roll over soon", "Make him sit with support so that he will know how to sit", "Leave the baby on the floor for longer time so that he will start crawling", "Your baby doesn't talk yet?", "He doesn't call mama & papa yet?", "13 months and he doesn't walk yet? You should hold and make him walk, buy a walker, he must be scared he will fall!!"
C'mon please give them time to explore things and reach milestones in their own comfortable pace. Just because a neighbor's kid started walking at 9 months doesn't mean that we have to make him to do the same. After all they don't have a marathon to run when they are a year old :)

P.S: In the picture its our darling mastering table etiquette :D

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