Friday, 5 June 2015

Son- Time for some gyan!

Becoming parents wasn't an easy decision for us. There were opinions, good and bad, from everywhere around us - about the sacrifices we will have to make, the things that we will miss, the things that will freak us out. But then after a lot of thought we really wanted to bring a part of us to this world and impart, not impose, what we learnt together.  So baby, when I look back there are many things I want to tell you, things that we came across, things we heard from friends and family, things we realised as husband and wife.

Believe in yourself:
Never ever compare yourself with anyone around you. Everyone is unique in their own way and you do not have to do something because people around you do it.

Respect everyone:
Earlier we were familiar with the phrase "respect your elders" but then despite of your age everyone has their own individuality which i feel deserves respect.

Chase your dreams:
Never let others take control of your life, do what your mind says. Like what your dad keeps saying "You are only going to regret the things that you did not try doing than the ones you tried and failed."

There is no "right" and "wrong":
Everyone is different so something that you feel is right may not be right for another person. Its only our perception that creates right and wrong so do not try to impose things that you feel is right on others and do not let anyone else teach you what is right and what is wrong. The only thing that exists is the basic ethics, following which will only help you become a better individual.

Skin tone is just a colour:
There will be people around you with different skin colors - fair, dusky, dark, that is something that people are born with and it does not have anything to do with their behaviour. Good and bad lies in their hearts and not in the color of their skin.

The existence of God:
We believe in the fact that there is some supreme power that has control over the world and we call it God. We do not believe in physical forms of god or in religion or caste. We are giving you the freedom to explore and conclude and it is up to you to decide if god exists.

So live your life your way, follow your passion, let not failure eat up your spirit. Remember we are here to fight with you and also to fight for you!