Friday, 21 July 2017

I remember we were very keen on teaching Agu the concept of sharing. This  little guy took it to the next level and started giving away his favorite toys to random kids at the park and we had their parents chasing us and giving them back 🙈 The only thing he was a bit hesitant about sharing was his favorite something to eat (yes, he got the love for food from both of us 😁).
So today was Parents day celebration along with the snack sharing day at Agu's school. So all the kids bring an extra share of snack and share it with the class. Isn't that a wonderful thing to teach kids at a young age? I really wouldn't worry about which number, letter or body part he learned from school as long as he gets to learn such lessons which he would carry all along his life.

This is what I made today, "dark chocolate mini sandwich bites" (okay so that sounds pretty fancy  😎)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Ragi-Wheat Egg Roll

Here's an easy evening snack/ snack box Recipe for you all to give a try.

Things you need:

Wheat flour: 1cup
Ragi flour: 1/3 cup
Egg: 1
Onions: half an onion
Cheese: 2 tbsp

How to make:

Make the dough for chappathi by combining wheat and ragi flour along with water.
Heat a pan, add a little ghee and toss the chappathi till both sides are almost done. Keep it aside.
Break an egg on to the pan, sprinkle salt and pepper, place the chappathi on it and press gently.
Allow it to cook for about 30 seconds (we don't want the egg to be runny).
Place it on a plate with the egg side on top, spread cheese and some sliced onions.
Wrap with a silver foil to make it look flashy 😁 it also helps them to keep the roll intact while eating!

Happy snacking!!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Terrible Twos- Not a Myth!

I never believed in the term "terrible twos". I always thought people were just exaggerating until we started going through it when our son turned two! He is usually a happy kid but he turns into a baby monster during his rare  emotional outbursts  😁 We tried a lot of things to deal with it but somehow it was so hard to calm down a 3 footer, who is determined to let out his frustration. Once the tantrum starts, it used to get so intense that there was no way we could distract him or calm him down. We had to let him take his time to calm down on his own and finished it off with hugs and assurance. As days passed by we started getting exhausted, we started giving in to his demands sometimes and it only made things worse. 

Somehow we knew we have to find a way to deal with him, not the easy way out but an actual way to help him take charge of his emotions as well. So here are a few tips that worked for us and I hope this might help a few moms out there who have started questioning their sanity!

Patience, Patience and more Patience:

This is one thing we realised over the course of 2.8 years. It is easier said than done because there are times they get to your nerves and chew your brain and it is almost impossible not to shout. They get a huge percentage of traits from the way parents behave so we have no other way but to learn to be calm. When we shout at them, eventually we are showing them that it's okay to shout when you are angry. So as I always say try hard to remain calm and if there's no other go, just walk out of the room. It takes only a few seconds for us to come to our senses and we will be happy we got over a scene without yelling 😁


Most of the time, all they want from us is the patience to sit and listen to them. Though they are unable to communicate all their needs, who other than parents can decode their language? ☺ So give them those few minutes when they need our attention.

Replace NO with positive terms:

Instead of stressing on a hundred things they shouldn't be doing, try to keep our conversation positive. For instance he asks for ice cream the moment we reach a restaurant, rather than stressing on "you are not going to have ice cream now" may be rephrase it to "let's have dinner first and then we will order your favorite chocolate ice cream!!". This in a way won't make him feel denied of something and we are actually making them understand we eat dessert after a meal.

Talk to them:

For example our super active son always thinks way ahead of our actions so it made things easier for him when we kept him updated on where we are going or what we will do after a particular activity and so on. May be it helped them picture sequence in their mind which reduced their anxiety about what's coming next.

Teach them to ask for things with a happy face:

We have told him at various occasions that he does not get things done by crying but by asking for it with a happy face. Sometimes when he comes and asks for something with a cranky voice we ask him "how do we ask for things?" and in a second he changes his tone, fixes a smile on his face and repeats his need with a happy face. This might sound funny but trust me eventually they need to learn shouting or crying for things isn't getting them anywhere.

So before you start please stack up all your patience and remember parenting is always a two way act where the kids and parents are equally responsible for the outcome. Don't forget the fact that they are humans too 😄

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hash Browns!

Agu wakes up after his afternoon nap:

Me: Mamma was making hash browns.
Agu (confused, as he doesn't know what hash brown is): Brownies?
Agu: Hash?
Agu: Agu wants it, Agu wants it.
Me: What do you want?
Agu: Gash growns 😂😂

Remember the "confidence" I was talking about in the previous post 😁


Do you believe in miracles? I hardly believed in them until this naughty bundle came into our lives. I have always felt that with kids around there is constant learning happening in the family. We learn from their innocence and confidence and they get their basic etiquettes from us, parents.
Both of us, husband and I, have actually found our inner selves after becoming parents. We learned to trust our intuition more than any opinion, started taking bold decisions without thinking what the society would think, started chasing our passion along with our daily chores. We always encourage him to take his own decisions, never force him to do things or please people he wasn't comfortable with, at the same time we always make sure he imbibes the good qualities we have. All this sounds too early for a 2.7 year old, but I strongly believe that's when the foundation of their character is actually forming.

There are times we get totally exhausted bringing up this strong-willed-wild-soul, who would turn into a hurricane when he has an emotional outburst, but we are sure at the end he is growing up into a good human with confidence, compassion, love and a bit of mischief (pretty obvious from his smile). 😁