Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Do you believe in miracles? I hardly believed in them until this naughty bundle came into our lives. I have always felt that with kids around there is constant learning happening in the family. We learn from their innocence and confidence and they get their basic etiquettes from us, parents.
Both of us, husband and I, have actually found our inner selves after becoming parents. We learned to trust our intuition more than any opinion, started taking bold decisions without thinking what the society would think, started chasing our passion along with our daily chores. We always encourage him to take his own decisions, never force him to do things or please people he wasn't comfortable with, at the same time we always make sure he imbibes the good qualities we have. All this sounds too early for a 2.7 year old, but I strongly believe that's when the foundation of their character is actually forming.

There are times we get totally exhausted bringing up this strong-willed-wild-soul, who would turn into a hurricane when he has an emotional outburst, but we are sure at the end he is growing up into a good human with confidence, compassion, love and a bit of mischief (pretty obvious from his smile). 😁

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