Friday, 31 March 2017

When we ask him to sleep on his bed:

3/4th of him on our bed, as he wants to snuggle on me
His feet on his bed just so that it doesn't look like he disobeyed what we asked him to do!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Husband has always had this obsession for white shirts. He has around five of them, which I realise only when I soak all of them together in vanish and I can hardly make out the difference between them. Agu has also had a white shirt at every stage of his size change and everytime he wears white he makes sure he spills something on it 😁

The only thing on my mind right now is how to get those strawberry ice cream stain off that shirt?! 😐

Friday, 24 March 2017

Yesterday 10 pm, Agu runs to me:

Agu: Mama dance with jijisha dance with jijisha (by which he means "dance with Bipasha")
Dances till the end of 45 minutes.

Today 9 am, after we are back from the park Agu runs to Husband
Agu: Papaaa dance with jijisha!!

I wish I was half this motivated about my workout 😁😁

Monday, 20 March 2017

Because he wanted to lend a helping hand to Papa while carrying a huge watermelon. One tiny hand placed over the melon definitely helped 😂😂

When we get out of the car, Agu acts like he cannot survive without Tai Lung (his stuffed toy snow leopard) and wants to take it with him no matter what!
On the way back to the car he acts like he's tired and can't  a walk a step so I end up carrying him AND Tai Lung AND my bag, which apparently contains only his stuff 😒😒

We walked into a toy store to get him a new water bottle. Amidst super hero figurines and hotwheels cars, this is what he chose ☺☺

Breakfast time:

Me: Agu do you want mini mini dosa or cheese sandwich??
Agu (without a doubt): Cheese sandwich
15 minutes later I come and sit beside him to have my dosa.

Agu (who had finished his cheese sandwich by then): mini mini dosaaaa mini mini dosaaaa!! 😒
Me: how many do you want?
Agu: *silence*
Me: one?
Agu: NO
Me: ten?
Agu: NO
Me: Then how many?
Agu: So many many minis 😂😂

This was exactly an hour after I brought him to the bed for his afternoon nap 😁😁

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Husband and Surprise planning never goes hand in hand 😂

I met this guy (who is my husband now) during a phase of life where a guy waiting for you with a bouquet of red roses and a huge teddy bear on Valentine's day gave me goosebumps. Turned out this guy whom I decided to marry, hardly remembered his own birthday 😀. We were the kind of couple who walked out with a route map to explore places and local restaurants on our honeymoon.

Disaster 1: My First birthday after we met:
Note: Husband still needs his reminder on phone to remember June 9. 
Surprisingly I felt that there was some planning happening behind my back as Husband couldn't hide his mischievous smile as my birthday was getting close. I was asked to dress up without a clue where we are heading to and I was pretty impressed by the way surprise was going on. Half way through I listen to husband calling the destination just to confirm we are on our way only to know that they were closed down that particular day due to some local protest 😮😮  The plan was a one day wine tour at Nandhi Hills which ended up in a big disaster.

After this, due to obvious reasons, I took over the charge of making restaurant reservations and planning vacation.

Disaster 2: Second birthday after we met
I overhear all the hush hush phone calls he has been receiving since morning and get ready to act surprised. At 12 midnight someone rings the doorbell, two of husband's friends emerge with a "surprise cake" which was white Forrest and "Happy Birthday Saranya" written on it. 
1. I dislike any cake other than chocolate.
2. I hate being called Saranya by anyone close to me.

So he managed to screw up that pretty well.

Disaster 3: Recent Birthday:
5 years of knowing each other and I had mastered the art of acting surprised at the very same chocolate flavoured midnight surprise cake he got on every anniversary and birthday 😄 Last birthday the surprise cake didn't come so I was expecting him to bring it along when he's back from office. Husband comes back from office empty handed, seems he forgot his wallet at home when he left in the morning 😓😓
I checked online, called up a restaurant and booked a table and also asked for a surprise cake to be arranged..errrr..for myself 😒

Years have gone by, even after screwing up every surprise, this guy still manages to be my Superman. I guess the reason behind this is that, it's only those important days that he ends up in a flop show but normal days are mostly a celebration for us 😁😁

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

No matter what he has in his hand, he cannot take his eyes off what's on my plate 😁😁

This is what you call a balanced meal...Or rather "balancing a meal" 😁

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sunday Brunch:

In our thought:
Get a lake side seat, enjoy the view, walk around and pick up our favourite things to eat, RELAX!

Sit on the floor near the lake under scorching sun
Say "Hello fish" 108 times with the same level of excitement to every orange fish that goes by
Catch Agu right before he takes a leap into the water just to get close to the fish
Eat whatever left over from Agu's plate

Me: Which is your favorite colour?
Agu: Ice cream

Me: I am asking about COLOUR, red, blue, green, yellow or orange?
Agu: Chocolate ice cream!

Whatever be the question, his answer is "ice cream" these days. A bit of maternal genes working here finally 😁😁

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Tried making checkerboard cookies and they turned out like marble cookies 😮
One of those moments when you feel like you are horrible at what you are doing, apart from parenting 🙊🙊