Monday, 10 June 2013

And I turned 26!

Birthdays have always amused me, since the tym I was a kid. When I go through old photographs its clearly seen that I have had more birthday parties and cake cutting with friends than my sister. Ever since my childhood I had this fascination for cutting cakes and there were times when I have wished birthdays came more often than just a year! :P Things haven't changed yet..I still eagerly wait for my birthday, to unwrap the gifts and surprises :)
But then more often I have seen people around me who r not very keen on celebrating birthdays saying it is just a reminder that you r getting old, which at times makes me wonder if its true and I usually come to this conclusion that may be I am not old enough to start worrying about getting old :)

Hence wishing myself a Happy Birthday, a year with loads of fun n surprises n travel n food n love!