Monday, 27 February 2017

So this has become his default sleeping pose these days, just to make sure that I don't sneak out and get some me-time even while he's asleep 😒😒

Saturday, 25 February 2017

There was a song playing on TV and when there is a wedding scene Agu runs to husband:

Agu: Pediya Pediya (which means he is scared)

Husband (with a grin on his face comes to kitchen and tells me) : Looks like our son is on the right track, he is scared of the concept of wedding even at the age of 27 months 😁😁

I am yet to figure out why guys act like they have this phobia for the word "marriage" when it's apparently the girl who goes through the trauma and witness all the drama after getting married 🙈🙈

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Stay at Home Mom or Working Mom, what we have in common is the Invisible Cape!

Every stay at home mom, at some point of her life would have encountered this question "What do you do all day??" and the funny part is that this mostly comes from another stay at home mom or from a person who has been a stay at home mom all her life! While the rest of the world has a very colourful picture of our life, here's what we actually go through 😁

Myth: SAHMs are so lucky, they don't miss a milestone of their baby.

Reality: While we get to see every milestone achieved, we are also not spared from all their emotional melt downs. Though there are chances we might miss out their first roll over or first step as we were busy in the kitchen making "healthy stuff", we are sure not to miss out a tantrum (for obvious reasons). So by the end of the day, having dealt with all the drama, all we crave for is a bit of silence 😀

Myth: Our morning starts slouching on the couch with a steaming cup of coffee.

Reality: Mornings usually start with a dilemma of what to do first
1. Make myself coffee
2. Make breakfast
3. Change Agu's diaper
4. Get husband his mandatory cup of tea
5. Do yoga (which only remains in my thoughts these days)
For mommies like me who often forget their cup of coffee at the kitchen counter and realise it only during lunchtime, I have a tip for you; stash it in the fridge right away and pamper yourself with cold coffee in the evening. By doing so you have half the amount of guilt washed off as you end up drinking just one cup of sugary coffee a day. I have been doing this for a while now and trust me it works perfectly fine 😆.

Myth: If you have a cook and a cleaning maid, you get to relax on the sofa all day long.

Reality: These two ladies or rather 'angels in disguise' do make our life easier but then not to the extend that we can lie down all day watching our favorite TV show or read a novel. With this tiny human half my height running around the house looking out for adventure, we are on our toes all the catch them before they bump their head while jumping from one furniture to another or to act like their trampoline so they can happily jump on your spine.

This is just a bit from my day which I guess every stay at home mother would be able to relate to. To be honest, I have always admired the magic working mothers have, to balance house and work beautifully. As I was brought up by a working mom myself, I know it takes a lot of effort. At the end of the day we are all mothers, who try their best to mask dark circles and stretch marks and that's a wonderful bond we share.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Monsters in Disguise

Here I am, still shaking at the news about the 7 year old girl in Chennai. I cannot sleep, I am scared and deeply worried about every kid out there, those innocent minds who have no clue about the cruel world around them. Changing the minds of such monsters in disguise is definitely going to take a while, so the only option we parents are left with is never to compromise on our precious one's safety.

Let's all please take a pledge not to force our kids to be nice to every person they meet, give them the freedom to wriggle away from people they are not comfortable with. Kids are humans too, so if they don't like somebody there has to be a reason for it. Encourage them to stand up for themselves, remember we are not rearing them for a certificate of good behavior.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Down the Memory Lane

It was time again to clean up Agu's wardrobe. A ritual that has been taking place once he outgrows a lot of his dresses, so we put those off the cupboard. It is always a mix of emotions, each dress takes me down the memory lane..of sleepless nights and toothless smile to this independent tall fellow he's growing into. I still have a secret collection of his clothes that still finds a place in his cupboard, like the first flannel he was wrapped in at the hospital, the zebra print onesie that he outgrew so soon, those tiny mittens and caps he always hated to wear 😄

It was indeed a reminder that he's growing up so soon, from a baby waking up 15 times at night to this confused toddler carrying out his terrible two tantrums in style 😁😁

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Of Cookies and Cupcakes

So I started making butter cookies this morning, once the dough was ready I changed my mind, added cocoa and milk to it and baked cupcakes 😮

This is what life with a toddler does to your brain, you lose the ability to focus on one thing for more than 5 minutes and your minds keeps looking out for better ways of doing things 😁