Thursday, 2 February 2017

Down the Memory Lane

It was time again to clean up Agu's wardrobe. A ritual that has been taking place once he outgrows a lot of his dresses, so we put those off the cupboard. It is always a mix of emotions, each dress takes me down the memory lane..of sleepless nights and toothless smile to this independent tall fellow he's growing into. I still have a secret collection of his clothes that still finds a place in his cupboard, like the first flannel he was wrapped in at the hospital, the zebra print onesie that he outgrew so soon, those tiny mittens and caps he always hated to wear 😄

It was indeed a reminder that he's growing up so soon, from a baby waking up 15 times at night to this confused toddler carrying out his terrible two tantrums in style 😁😁

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