Saturday, 9 September 2017

For the love of books

I don't clearly remember when we started reading stories to Agu, may be from the time he was 5-6 months old. Now that he is nearly 3 years old, his love for books has only gone up. He gets equally excited being at a book store or a toy shop and he loves to choose his books (he is always given the freedom to select things he love 😃). 

From the time I remember of my childhood, we had a library membership and we used to look forward to holidays so we could go exchange our books and get new ones, the smell of a new book still brings me so much joy..and yes I ended up taking up Engineering and Clinical Research! (Damn! Okay let's not vent about it here 😁). 

After becoming a mother I was so busy reading parenting articles and baby recipes, I really lost touch with my books. So last year I decided I have to squeeze in some time for reading and finally found the slot during Agu's afternoon naptime. So there are days when I wait for him to fall asleep so I can spend that precious me-time with a book 🙈

One thing I felt is that reading out to them or narrating stories help a lot to develop their imagination. Sometimes he amazes us by relating real life things to his favorite stories, like if he sees an octopus he remembers "Susie and the Mermaid", when he sees a gorilla he remembers "Grandma elephant's birthday".

So here we are, with a new set of books to get us going!

Friday, 8 September 2017

So all of a sudden this guy runs to me, hands over this almost finished corn and with overflowing love says "Mama!! Special for you! Eat it".
Yes, the almost empty corn and here I'm sitting and wondering if I should just dump it in the dust bin or eat it for his sake.
One of those major confusions only these little fellows can put us into 😁

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Evening scene:

Me: Agu, what do you want to do for your third birthday?? (Which is 2 months away)
Agu: mmmmm
Me: Do you want to go for a beach vacation?
Agu: No
Me: Do you want to spend time with your friends?
Agu: No
Me: Then what do you want to do?
Agu: Agu wants Milk and Chocos

This little guy has very simple preferences in life  (at times 😁)

Friday, 1 September 2017

He has become a pro at cycling now and has found out that it's the easiest way to travel around the house 😁

Well..yes, he's wearing my top over his t-shirt. One of those days when he's sick and we are forced to give in to his silly demands 🙈