Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Concept of God!

Being brought up in a not-so-religious atmosphere at home, our son some how learned the word "Krishna" as he was used to seeing krishna deity in our native home. Later on we realised that he started associating every form of God as Krishna which really amazed us.

When he saw the statue of Jesus Christ at my sister's college, while driving past a Ganesha temple, a glimpse of Hanuman Chalisa on TV, there he was shouting out "Krishna" in spite of the physical forms of God that we humans believe in.

Though at that time we were only amused about how he was able to connect that they are all forms of GOD, later it made us think how much of a less chaos the world would have had to witness if we all believed the way a toddler did. There might be some supreme power that has control over the whole universe but sadly we tend to forget the fact that the physical forms of them and religions made out of them are mere man made fancies.

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