Monday, 5 June 2017

June 5-First Day in Play group: Morning Scenes:

Sooraj and I tried hard to make Agu feel really excited about going to school. Though we have been to mother-toddler groups this was the first time he was going to be on his own with new faces around. I was so nervous about this day past 2 weeks, with a lot of "what if" questions going on my mind that I was almost drained of emotions by yesterday night. So today once he woke up we were acting so happy that even Agu started feeling we were really going on a vacation or something 😁

At the school:
He jumps out of the car..happily wears his school bag and hops to the school entrance. At the gate the teacher takes his hand and he walks away without a fuss. Sooraj turns around with a sigh of relief and there I was, tears flowing down my cheeks 🙈

I don't want to talk about the days after that as there was crying and more crying. Third day was the toughest because of two reasons:

1. He realised I'm not going to be around.

2. That it isn't just a play date that happens once in a while, but a daily routine.

5 days down and I go to pick him up with butterflies fluttering in my stomach and I find him happily jumping and playing around, what a relief! 😄😄

Isn't this what motherhood is all about!  😆

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