Sunday, 30 October 2016

Our Naughty Bundle of Love turns 2!

I remember when I asked my friends about the pain during giving birth and all of them gave me the same answer that it's just a momentary thing and you will forget about it sooner than you ever imagined. After agu was born, after all the pain and trauma, I thought all of them lied to me, that I will be scarred for life. 2 years since then, now I know they were all right, having a baby around makes you think of a million things at the same time and you hardly have time to sit and crib about your delivery experience that happened 731 days back 😬

Parenting taught me that every year is like a new chapter, where life throws new challenges at you and you rush and figure out ways to deal with it. Last year was more of dealing with tantrums, trying to teach him a bit of basics of discipline, making him understand that if he jumps from the bed he would fall and hurt himself (I am not sure if any of it got into his head though 😁). There were times I really thought I wasn't a parent material, times when I wished things were as easy and magical as we saw in movies, times when I thought I was really a Bad Mom. Then there you are growing up so fast, learning to eat on your own, communicating with us through words, sleeping through the night, showing your affection through actions that always steal our hearts. Now I realise having a kid is almost like having to hold your heart outside your body, I cry when you are hurt, get mini heart attacks when you try new acrobatics, laugh our hearts out with your drama :)

Happy birthday Agooocha! Continue being the strong-willed kid that you are already now, remember we are there right beside you as a punching bag for your tantrums, a pillow to jump sleep and cry on and moreover parents to fight it out with you 😀😀

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